Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Media Keeps Consumers Connected

Looking at BIGresearch's Simultaneous Media Studies, today's consumer feels a need to stay connected and that need is driving the adoption and usage of new media.

Consumers' usage of TiVo/Replay TV, Satellite Radio and iPod/MP3 Players lead the way with regular usage for TiVo/Replay TV up 88.1%, 79.9% for Satellite Radio and 72.1% for iPod/MP3. Meanwhile, traditional media usage has declined as consumers seek to integrate new media options into their busy lifestyles. Joe Pilotta of BIGresearch concludes "What should be apparent... is that the mobile, intermittent and attentive lifestyle is a fact and connectivity is key to this lifestyle." BIGresearch (Click on Complimentary Top Line Findings.)

So why do you care as a property owner? Because most apartment buildings hinder, much less help to enable, the connected lifestyle. TiVo has all kinds of great features, and most people that own one don't know how they ever watched TV without it, yet many buildings aren't optimized to let residents make full use of the technology. It's just been in the past few years that buildings have been wired for data services, and most owners still subject themselves to the limitations of partnering with a single service provider. NMHC surveys show that poor service affects retention, so it's important to know both what your residents want and how your communities need to be wired to provide quality services.

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