Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Phone Customers Cutting the Cord

Harris Interactive released the results of a nationwide online survey of adults conducted in August, which focused primarily on consumers' attitudes toward receiving advertising messages on their cell phones. Wireless advertising is growing, but is still a long way from mass acceptance by consumers or any relevant uses for our industry. Harris Interactive

More interesting, though, was the fact that 38% of wireless subcribers say they now consider wireless to be their primary form of communication, and 36% believe that cell phone service is more direct than land line phone service. Granted, this survey was only given online, but considering the fact that there are over 200 million cell phones in the U.S., it certainly means that more and more consumers are cutting the cord and going wireless only.

This trend hits the multifamily industry in a number of different ways. Owners can't cut the expense of wiring for land line phone service yet, but cellular network boosters are increasingly becoming a reasonable investment at most properties. Don't stop there, though - fewer land lines mean changes to access control and security systems, intercoms, and even some TV networks. Do your homework to find equipment that doesn't rely on hardwired phone communications, and you'll find your building will be the one dialed in to your residents' lifestyle.

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