Wednesday, December 13, 2006

AT&T Accuses TWC of Network Sabotage

AT&T is alleging in a lawsuit that Time Warner Cable employees conducted a "methodical invasion" of AT&T's network facilities in apartment buildings. Time Warner had no immediate comment on the suit, which alleges millions of dollars in "willful, wanton and systematic" damage. Houston Chronicle

...And the saga continues. Although the names might have changed, we have noted this fight before, and it's something that is likely only going to get worse as long as apartment owners allow it to happen. If you're going to allow multiple providers onto your property, make sure that you have a plan and that you understand who is responsible for all those wires, especially if you're the one who owns them. Ideally, each provider should ride on their own network so no two companies have to share at the property level. Otherwise, stories like this one will persist, and your residents will be the ones that suffer because of it.

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