Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Today in Multifamily Tech

Google Wants to Monitor Home Energy Usage
Google and a firm named Energy have joined forces on a residential energy-monitoring system. The offering combines Google's PowerMeter Web tool, which the company debuted in February, and Energy's TED 5000, a device that measures power use, to monitor home energy consumption without a smart meter from the utility company.
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The App Store on the Job Site
Did you know mobile apps can turn your BlackBerry into a ruler or protractor? Or with the download of a construction calculator app you can calculate volumes and dimensions of concrete and lumber on your iPhone? Contractors are finding value in apps built for business.
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More on Augmented Reality
Your cellphone's camera can now provide a computer-enhanced view of the world through programs that provide "augmented reality." These applications take advantage of the phones' GPS and compass features and access to high-speed wireless networks to mash up super-local Web content with the world that surrounds you. One use: See available apartments on the block where you're standing.
>> Full story at USA Today

Cox Makes Big Investments, Prepares for Wireless
Cox Communications, on the verge of completing a network upgrade to 1 GHz, is also preparing to launch a 3G mobile service as an extension of its video service with wireless installed in the last mile of its network, the cable company said. "We can bring the four-product experience together in a way that's unique."
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FiOS Expands in New York, U-Verse Moves into Nashville
Verizon has launched its FiOS broadband package in eight upstate New York towns near Syracuse, while AT&T also added a new market to its U-Verse portfolio with the introduction of its services in Nashville.
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