Thursday, July 02, 2015

Let the Right Ones In

Jay Pritchett may never have to tell Gloria and Manny how to buzz him in to the front gate again, thanks to LiftMaster's new Internet Protocol Access Control (IPAC) system. By using VoIP Technology, the access system allows residents to buzz visitors and guests into their buildings or homes without the use of an old-fashioned telephone line, according to Multifamily Executive's Lauren Hunter. That should be good news for multifamily owners, who have sometimes struggled with antiquated units that rely on old telephone wiring, which they're putting into their buildings less and less these days. Those systems also require a closed-loop to work, which means if two people answer different extensions of the same line at the same time, neither will be able to buzz the caller in. (This is the concept that Manny and Gloria can never quite figure out, even though they're part of the Modern Family.) As access control is near and dear to our heart, the MDU Geek will be reporting on keyless entry systems soon. Until then, LiftMaster's large display screen will ensure that residents are only letting the right ones in.  Check out the full MFE article here.

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