Thursday, July 09, 2015

Let the Right Ones In, Part 2

Fargo, N.D.’s KVLY-TV has an interesting report on the future of electronic access to buildings and multifamily communities. Spurred by an investigation the news station launched earlier this year, the story highlights a growing concern about the safety and security of physical, keyed locks. Namely, reporters were able to take a picture of a co-worker’s keys, send the picture in to a key copying website, and then use the copy they got back to unlock the co-worker's door and walk into the home. Those kinds of nefarious capabilities, as well as the cost of electronic access systems dropping nearly 70 percent in recent years, according to the report, have led to increased adoption by many businesses in the station’s viewing area, including several multifamily properties. Again, stay tuned for our own special report on electronic access systems, coming soon. Watch and read the full KVLY report here.

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