Friday, May 22, 2015

Want to Enter Your Apartment? There’s an App for That

Blockchain technology start-up Onename unveiled an identity app that could one day unlock the door to your apartment, according to Bitcoin Magazine. The product, known as a Passcard, could help you manage everything from your Twitter account to unlocking your front door. It’s based on a blockchain ledger, the same underlying platform behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. “Passcards are a digital form of identity and access control designed to initially replace passwords, and in the future, replace forms of physical identification like passports and driver’s licenses,” Onename, which is backed in part by investor Fred Wilson, wrote on its blog. “You’ll be able to use it to enter your apartment or your office and when asked to present identification in an in-person context. The future of identity is here.” Check out the full announcement here.

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