Tuesday, November 05, 2013

At Home on the Go with SkyBell™ and SKYCAM

SkyBell (formerly known as iDoorCam) and SKYCAM let you keep an eye on your home from your mobile devices.

With SkyBell, the doorbell is finally getting an upgrade.  As the lifestyles’ of many people become more and more mobile, SkyBell caters to the travelling masses by letting them answer the front door from almost anywhere in the world.

SkyBell works by connecting to your home’s WiFi, so that when somebody rings your doorbell, you can answer the door from any of your WiFi enabled mobile devices.  You can then choose to see, hear or speak to whoever is at your door from your mobile device.  Or, if you are busy, you can simply choose to ignore the call.  The device also offers a unique “Do Not Disturb Mode” that will mute the sound of your home’s doorbell in the event that you are home, but do not wish to be bothered.  Maybe you work from home and do not wish to be disturbed; perhaps the baby is sleeping; or maybe you’re deep into a nostalgic Breaking Bad Netflix marathon.

Whether or not you are at home, SkyBell gives you the ability to answer the front door from wherever you are.  It is fully equipped with both a day and night vision camera.  It also has a speaker, microphone and motion sensor.

The motion sensor is an especially interesting feature, because it provides the ability to receive front-door alerts on your mobile devices, whether or not the person at your door actually rings the doorbell.  If the motion detector picks up movement, then you will get an alert, and be able to see what’s happening at your front door.  This could be useful whether you’re keeping an eye on things while your child is home alone or wondering if FedEx dropped off that package you’ve been waiting for.  Or perhaps your friend is old-fashioned and still knocks on doors.

Your SkyBell feed can be received over WiFi, 3G and 4G and is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices.  The SkyBell free mobile app is available for iOS and Android as well.

If SkyBell goes mainstream, it seems plausible, if not probable, that apartment buildings would forego the antiquated, Seinfeld-era buzzer system in favor of this modern alternative.

By expanding on the SkyBell platform, SKYCAM was born.  SKYCAM is a wireless surveillance and monitoring video camera that uses Skype as the DNS server (which means no monthly DNS fees).  The uses for SKYCAM are endless.  You can monitor your home or office or keep an eye on your pet, use it as a baby monitor or a front door video phone, monitor any corner of the house, call your loved ones when you’re away from home or talk to parents, grandparents and other relatives even without a PC.

Like SkyBell, the user can access SKYCAM’s surveillance stream from their mobile device.  SKYCAM is also equipped with night-vision capabilities, and is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Windows, Linux and any other device that supports the Skype app.

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