Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Untethered Charging

How nice would it be to have the ability to recharge your mobile devices without all of the hassle of today’s “power hunt?”  It is just that thought that lead Cota by Ossia [] founder Hatem Zeine to put his background as a physicist to work to solve this problem.  And, he actually may have done it.

In a recent article on TechCrunch (, Zeine discusses his work on the technology that will allow battery-powered devices to be charged —wirelessly — from a distance of 30 feet.  He has successfully tested the concept that uses the same frequencies currently used by wifi communication.

The project has been in the works for over 10 years now, and Zeine has quietly raised $3.2 million to support his endeavor over the last decade.  Now, Zeine is finally ready to reveal his brainchild to the world, which he showcased for the first time in a live demo at Disrupt. 

TechCrunch Disrupt, which took place last month in San Francisco, is one of the most highly anticipated tech conferences of the year.

Commercial versions of Cota by Ossia’s technology will be shipping in a few months with consumer products scheduled to be available by 2015.  Much like Ethernet cables gave way to wireless internet, it seems that Zeine’s new technology is poised to eventually eliminate outlet charging in favor of a wireless option.

The implications of this new technology for multifamily housing developers could be significant.  In this age of hyper-convenience, having a dead battery bring your day to a halt is unacceptable.  Creating a haven for power for residents who can go about their routines — never stopping to charge — means a change in lifestyle that is sure to get the attention of residents.

Zeine is endeavoring to “… eliminate the concept of ‘charging’ as a conscious act altogether.”  With this lofty goal becoming a reality, developers and property managers need to begin to incorporate this technology into their low-voltage infrastructure and planning.

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