Monday, August 27, 2007

Outdoor HDTV

Would you want to include TVs on your pool deck or rooftop patio?

New all-weather LCDs from SunBriteTV are designed specifically for outdoor use, offering full HD support and display sizes up to 46 inches. (HGTV video)

A corrosion resistant, power-coated aluminum enclosure protects the TV from the elements, while the screen itself is protected by an anti-reflective, impact- and scratch-resistant window. The sets feature a watertight cable entry system and a variety of input options.

The built-in cooling system and heater work to maintain the proper operating temperature in hot and cold conditions, although the heat ratings stated in the product's technical specs (max. operating temperature is only 122° F) could be an issue if you're building in the South.

SunBriteTVThe line of all-weather outdoor TVs could be a good fit for property owners who want to offer viewing options on patios and outdoor spaces.

SunBrightTV offers three models of the all-weather sets, in 23-inch, 32-inch and 46-inch sizes. They're not cheap... MSRP for the 23-inch version is $2,295, $3,695 for the 32-inch model and $4,995 for the 46-inch set.

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