Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Music to Your Residents' Ears

Sonos Digital Music SystemMany thanks to Scott Sheppard and the rest of the crew at Inside Mac Radio. We had a great time on the air yesterday discussing in-wall iPod docking stations and the iPod-ready Apartment Home Media Station.

Once it's posted, you can hear the interview as part of their podcast for June 2nd. Here's the link to subscribe in iTunes. These guys really enjoy their work!

:: iPod Your Property
Whether it's in the clubhouse or in the apartment, we're seeing more owners who want to give residents the ability to listen to their own tunes.

Integrating an iPod docking station into your clubhouse stereo is an easy way to give residents this option. There are several great models available, but we recommend the in-wall versions - that way you know the dock isn't going anywhere.

Several docking stations, such as the Channel Vision iBus, even fit inside a standard single-gang wallplate, which means there's no custom holes in the drywall if you want to offer an iPod upgrade option in each unit. Now that's an amenity that a resident can't find anywhere else!

:: Background Music Gets Personal
Besides the iPod, there are a number of great ways to customize music stations to get the atmosphere you want.

One of our favorites is Pandora.

Pandora lets you build a entire radio station (actually, up to 100 stations) based on the custom preferences that you want. Salsa, got it. Classical, no problem. Party tunes, done... there are over 2 million tracks in their database, and the service only costs $36 per year.

There are several devices available that allow you to play Pandora music through a home stereo without the need for a computer. The first was the Squeezebox from Slim Devices, and the most recent is the Sonos system, which Pandora just announced last week.

We like the Sonos system because it allows you to create multiple "zones" - you can customize a unique music station for each room in the amenities area, or you can play the same song everywhere. The system is extremely easy to use... it's interface is similar to that of the iPod. :: Personalization Everywhere
Custom radio stations are just one way to create a unique atmosphere and give your residents a more personalized feeling throughout your community.

As more web-enabled technologies are introduced, and new applications are developed for products like Bluetooth and RFID, the opportunities for personalization through technology will continue to increase.

What technologies are you using to customize your property's atmosphere and give it that unique feel that sets you apart?

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