Thursday, May 03, 2007

Killer Apps Hit Ft. Wayne

I'm not the only one impressed by Ft. Wayne!Earlier this week, I had the privilege to speak at the developer's workshop at the Killer App Conference in Ft. Wayne. I was extremely impressed by the turnout, and I was even more impressed with the amount of resources that the city dedicated to the show.

Ft. Wayne is one area where Verizon's FiOS service is available, and the city is making a concerted effort to bring its citizens and the surrounding region into the forefront as a model "wired" city. The conference's expo hall was open to the general public for all to see, with a number of displays focusing on high-bandwidth networks and the applications they enable. There was even a community outreach area sponsored by the city – all around, it was a great effort to get local residents excited about the opportunities afforded by the digital lifestyle.

For the benefit of those in attendance at the workshop, I am posting a quick list of the popular applications that I mentioned during my talk, in the order that they were mentioned. Consider this a work in progress... I'll be adding to it as I find new ones and remember old favorites. You can also download the slides from my presentation here. (PDF)

I'd like to ask for your feedback as well. Do you have any useful applications or products for developers that aren't yet on this list? I fully realize this is only the tip of the iceberg... there are lots of great applications out there for developers... so c'mon, let's hear about some of your favorites!

Applications for Developers:

Resident portals:

3D Renderings and virtual tours:

Touch-screen virtual tours:
Computer Presentation

Virtual community:


Publish your podcasts at:

Web log software (commonly called blogs):


Virtual leasing agent:

Structured wiring systems:

Instant hot water (tankless water heaters):

Web-enabled thermostat:

Mapping tools:
My Maps at Google

Instant webpage editing (called wikis):

Video intercom/concierge:

Web-based concierge software:

Digital signage:

Customizable Internet music stations: Use a Squeezebox from Slim Devices ( to play your Pandora radio stations on any stereo system without the need for a PC.

Microsoft Xbox

On-demand music/movie server:

Networked fitness equipment:

Networked laundry centers:

Entertainment media serv ices:

Home control:

Building communications management:

Wireless sync-to-PDA/Blackberry for maintenance staff:

Mobile phone applications and reverse 9-1-1 alerts:

Home awareness systems:
Eaton Home

Smart irrigation systems:

Energy management:

Solar power:

Energy data displays:

RFID products and systems:

Local music licensing:

Resident technical support:

More communications tools for your website:

Multi-provider structured wiring modules:

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