Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Owners Caught in the Crossfire

As phone and cable companies fight for customers, the high-stakes competition has gone beyond marketing offers and superior service. Service providers across the country are accusing each other of damaging equipment and shoddy work. A consultant quoted in the article mentions that such equipment damage and misplaced wiring is "often unavoidable... where rivals either share equipment or keep it side-by-side." NY Times

Property owners are getting caught squarely in the middle of this fight. It is critical that you have clearly defined language in your agreements that determines who will respond to issues at your site and how long that company has to do so. Keep an eye on local rates, as well. Prices will continue to fall as these companies go at each other for market share - make sure that the offer at your property is competitive with the current offers, and use them as a negotiating tool with your providers if you can.

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