Monday, July 24, 2006

Yahoo! On the Go

On Wednesday, July 19, it was announced that Motorola will embed Yahoo! services on tens of millions of phones. Yahoo! formed a similar partnership with Nokia in January. The new ties between Internet companies and hardware makers promise to give consumers quicker access to personal Internet information compared to what is currently available on most cell phones today. Read more of the story here.

With more and more residents opting to forgo traditional land lines, and use the their cell phone as their primary phone, it is becoming increasingly important that they can count on reliable cell phone coverage. MDU owners have started to recognize this trend, and have started to add cell signal amplifier systems to improve network coverage and phone service for residents while they are at home.

Its paying attention to trends like these that will define which communities potential residents will flock to, and what properties continue to stand out from the rest. We'll keep you posted on more trends that affect the MDU market. Stay tuned.

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