Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Microsoft in Your Living Room...Again

The folks at Microsoft are looking for a way into your residents’ living rooms… again. Microsoft currently has the Xbox 360 video game console and new computer software that focuses on multimedia. Their influence in the world of set-top boxes for digital television has been minimal at best, but they are well-positioned to become a huge player in the Internet TV (IPTV) market, having already secured deals with telecom giants such as AT&T and Verizon. Although IPTV isn’t mainstream yet, Forbes reports that industry estimates show there could be almost 90 million IPTV subscribers only five years from now. Full story from Forbes

Internet TV is slowly becoming worthy of the average property owner’s attention. It offers a number of great features, but will require a LOT of bandwidth, especially for people who still like to channel surf or have discovered the joys of HDTV. Add to that, a gaming system like the Xbox 360 that connects to the Internet, and music, photos and videos streaming throughout every apartment, and what you get is a lot of stress on the typical copper based property network. This is further confirmation that the need for FTTP technology is a necessary component for future MDU community planning. The need for bandwidth by residents is only going to increase. More than ever, prospective residents will begin to use a property’s ability to support their technology needs in deciding where to live. Even if they don't consider it at first, they’ll appreciate your forethought once they move in and start hooking up all their gear. Easy-to-use technology that anticipates users’ needs well into the future – now that’s something even Gates would appreciate.

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