Thursday, June 08, 2006

Students Say iPods More Popular Than Beer

A study recently released by the Student Monitor named Apple's iPod music player as the most "in" thing among undergraduate college students. Almost three-quarters of the students surveyed said that iPods were "in" - more than bar hopping, video games and social networking. Check out the article here.

What does it mean for apartments? Well, a lot. Younger residents have immersed themselves in the "digital lifestyle", so you better be ready for it. They have a limitless appetite for media and information - and they expect it to be fast and available on the go. Whether it's iPod docking stations, high speed Internet access, wireless networks, cell phone network boosters, or a Slingbox, there are all kinds of creative things you can do to leverage the technologies that your residents already embrace to increase loyalty to your property. We want to hear from you... how have you used technology as a selling point at your communities?

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