Thursday, April 13, 2006

Security Update from ISC '06

The major topic of this year's 2006 International Security Conference was “Urban Security”- the securing of public urban spaces. Some of the technologies may have applications for the multifamily marketplace as well.

IP video technology appears to be here to stay. In fact, it has so thoroughly permeated the security world that even Cisco Systems had a booth at this year's show!

IP video is now a part of most manufacturers’ alarm system offerings, but IP monitoring is still not mainstream. Several vendors were offering adapters that allow existing alarm dialers to communicate over IP networks. There are some basic issues, though - cost being the biggest one for multifamily owners!

Fire alarm manufacturers have now started to offer IP monitoring capabilities, but acknowledge that acceptance by local Authorities has been slow and arduous. For a complete review of the products on display for multifamily at ISC 2006, click here.

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