Friday, October 09, 2015

+1 for the Genius bar at Apple, Inc.

Giving credit where credit is due is important. With that said, lets jump in…
I had the unfortunate pleasure of having to visit my local Apple store to fix not one, but two devices. As I expected upon walking in, the store was packed full of new potential and existing customers. As I proceeded to enter the store I was pleasantly greeted by a man with an iPad. He then asked if I had an appointment. Thankfully, I did…but for only one of my devices??? The gentleman upfront with his iPad said no worries and asked me to take a seat at one of the “square tables”. Within minutes I was being helped by some who was very competent. Though spending 2 hours in the store (partly my fault for not remembering my iCloud password) they took care of both my devices and even offered to set them up. I was shockingly surprised at the level of customer service I received in what appeared to be a slightly chaotic store.
How many of us put our customers first in our business? How can we provide a truly positive user experience?
Kudos to you Apple, Inc. Your Genius Bar made it happen for me!

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