Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Get Your Apartment Geek On!

Okay, we’d be lying if we didn’t say we’re just a little bit excited by this. With the growing popularity of the Multifamily Technology 360° blog, we’ve hit a threshold that’s going to allow us to become even more relevant and useful for you, our loyal readers. Taking a step that makes our inner nerd feel all warm and fuzzy, we are pleased to unveil our new URL: MDU Geek.com.

From now on, you’ll be getting all the news and commentary you’ve grown accustomed to at Multifamily Technology 360, just at our hipper, and yes, geekier, URL (aren’t they one and the same these days?) 

And of course, you can find us on Twitter via @MDUGeek.

For those of you connected to the business side of the apartment technology amenity space, you’ll still be able to link up with our sponsor, InfiniSys, at the MultifamilyTechnology.com URL.

Here’s to all the even geekier apartment technology news to come!

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