Thursday, April 23, 2015

Project Fi Gives Google Juice to Cellular Over WiFi

Cellular over WiFi just got a big boost with Google’s announcement of Project Fi. The initiative pairs the world’s largest search company with the Sprint and T Mobile networks, and marks Google’s first large-scale foray into wireless. For just $20 a month, invited Nexus 6 users can sign up for the phone and data service, which will credit back unused data each month, a shot across the bow of incumbent cellular providers. But while the announcement got plenty of attention yesterday, and was first reported in the Wall Street Journal, one important aspect got shorter shrift  in most news coverage: the technology will automatically, and easily, switch between cellular and WiFi for calls and data. That aspect alone could be a game-changer for cellular in general, as established companies will eventually need to answer Google's call. Read Bloomberg’s take on the announcement here.

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