Thursday, March 26, 2015

Who's got game? Courting millennial renters

Apartment owners are going after Millennials with a full-court press, and not just during March Madness. The opportunity represented by this groundswell of echo-boom renters, who will become the nation’s largest living generation this year, outstrips anything multifamily has seen in recent memory. But that begs the question: Is multifamily ready for this new wave? Having gotten used to the over-the-top amenities that are the signature of student housing today, Millennials have high expectations when it comes to technology. First on their list? Fast, robust Internet. Check out this exclusive Industry Voices article over at Student Housing Business featuring InfiniSys CEO Richard Holtz, and learn about the fast break multifamily owners will have to pull off to cater to this new generation of residents.   

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