Wednesday, April 01, 2009 and PadZing Cook Up a Tasty Data Buffet

Start with the massive database of vacancy information that drives VaultWare. Then take all the rental rate data from the largest consumer apartment search website. Throw it all together and you have one serious market research tool.

This week, Realty DataTrust and today announced an agreement to do exactly that -- they'll integrate the rental rate data from's 25,000+ property listings into the site RDT built to analyze apartment market data and trends, VaultWare, the keeper of the data that currently drives PadZing, is already the leading online apartment availability and reservation system, so the data should easily make PadZing one of the most comprehensive sources for current rent and vacancy data in the industry.

PadZing Screenshot

If you're not already familiar with PadZing, it's a subscription-based tool that allows users to obtain up-to-date competitive information ... it includes some pretty cool mapping and customization features. (It's a free subscription.)

Both Mike Mueller, CEO of Realty DataTrust, and Peggy Abkemeier, General Manager of, are all smiles about the new partnership -- you can check out their happy quotes in the Padzing Pressroom.

Have you tried PadZing previously? What did you think? What data resources do you use most when doing your market research?

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