Monday, November 12, 2007

Do You Reflect Your Residents' Values?

According to the Conscious Consumer Report from BBMG, consumer prefer to buy from companies that reflect their own values ... amazing stuff, I know.

Almost 90% of Americans say the words "conscious consumer" describe them well, and they are more likely to buy (if price and quality are equal) from companies that:
• Manufacture energy efficient products
• Promote health and safety benefits
• Support fair labor and trade practices
• Commit to environmentally-friendly practices
One BBMG partner says, "... conscious consumers expect companies to do more than make eco-friendly claims. They demand transparency and accountability across every level of business practice... "

Americans readily self-identify as: "conscious consumers", "socially responsible", "environmentally-friendly", and "green".

While price and quality are still paramount (and I'd add location in multifamily housing), convenience has been edged out by more socially relevant attributes ... how energy efficient a product is and its health benefits are becoming integral to consumers' purchasing decisions.

Jeffrey Pollock of Global Strategy Group sums it up: "Americans think before they buy... they tend to prefer to buy from companies that reflect their values."

What are you doing to reach, inspire and motivate values-driven residents? Do you start with the design of your community? Are you incorporating values and values-based design into your marketing plans?

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