Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Need for Geeks

60 Minutes recently did a feature on the growing technical support customer service industry, ranging from remote telephone operators from halfway around the world to businesses such as the Geek Squad, Firedog and local custom installation firms. (Click here or on the photo to watch the full video.)

It's clear that people need more help than ever with their home electronics, and it takes a special skill set to solve the challenges presented by TVs, computers, routers and all the other gadgets we've come to rely on. It's also likely that an individual with that specialized skill set is not on the payroll at your community. Owners that plan to use technology to differeniate their properties should prepare to offer some kind of support to those residents that need it. Whether it's free rent for the helpful computer science engineering major in Building 2 or a national partnership with a support service like Geeks on Call or Firedog, property owners increasingly should consider providing technical support just as they provide other emergency maintenance services.

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