Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Residents On The Go

Mobile content has been a hot topic lately in the media world. There's lot of talk about new applications such as mobile gaming, text messaging, and mobile office connectivity. The hardware includes smartphones, camera/video phones, Blackberries, and iPods and other portable media players. There seems to be no end to the list of features they're trying to cram into your pocket. But you're probably asking why any of this applies to the apartment world.

Well, it could be a great way to keep up with the fast pace of your residents on the go. is one company that is incorporating mobile technology. They currently have a program that will notify you (via email or text message) whenever an event is recorded by your home's security system. Imagine if the multifamily industry harnessed these features: residents can now monitor what is going on in their homes; residents could opt in for offers and account updates from property management; and corporate management companies can keep their management and maintenance staff updated on current building conditions. Communities could partner with local retailers to offer special deals redeemable exclusively by residents. Mobile devices are always with you, and the possibilities are endless. Many properties are already adopting these technologies in one form or another.

It's your turn to get creative. If you've seen a great idea for apartments, or if you have one that you haven't yet seen implemented, let us know what you think. If you work for a property management company, let us know what you've seen that works and what still has room for improvement. And if you're really on the cutting edge, you're probably forwarding this to a co-worker from your Treo right now.

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